Monday, October 29, 2007

PAC Meeting - Tonight at 7pm

The PAC meeting is tonight from 7pm to 8:30pm in the Library.

On the agenda:

  • Spring Parks & Rec Program (guest speaker Louise Rusch)
  • School Updates
  • Setting 2007/2008 Fund-raising Program
  • Approval of 2007/2008 Budget

Babysitting and refreshments provided


-_- said...

Hi! I think this website is great, especially for parents! um... GO CHAFFEY!... ^_^

A girl that loves her school said...

C-H-A-F-F-E-Y-B-U-R-K-E Chaffey-Burke! Lots of fun! Chaffey Burke! We get things done!
This web is super cool! Everyone who reads this, don't forget to thank the people that helped make it!
Go Chaffey!

Studunt from Chaffey-Burke said...

This is cool!!!! i love it!!!! Go Chaffey Burke!!!!! YAY! wow! cool !!ya! yahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!


A very okay person!xD said...

...! Your such an inthusiastic student!! I love how you like Chaffey-Burke! Good spirt!!!

Mr.White said...

Hi.I'm from the school board and I think this website is SUPER COOL!