Friday, October 26, 2007

PAC Newsletter - November 2007

The November newsletter was sent home with your child this week. It is posted here in case you didn't receive it.

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A grade seven that's bored but now isn't... said...

Good job on the website Mr.M (and everyone else who might've helped out)! It rocks!

Anonymous said...

This was a great newsletter. My child thinks that the problem solving people, Selena and Pooja, are a great help. He now can ask other people about his crush. He has a huge crush on this girl, that he really wants to tell her. But, he just knew that she likes his best friend. How do you think he should do? It's his first crush!

Anonymous said...

I dont think that the whole "Ask Selena and Pooja" thing was a really good idea.

Honestly, instead of putting their names, it should be, "Ask Annie!" or any other name for that matter. Why? Because some people may not feel comfortable writing to some other people..


Long story short: Anonymous is better. Period.