Monday, March 5, 2012

Message to parents from the teachers of Chaffey-Burke

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank you for the support and understanding that you have shown us this year. We regret the challenges that full withdrawal of our services over the next few days will have on your families. However, we feel the proposed future of the learning conditions in our classrooms and the attack on our profession as a whole warrants a strong reaction in order to fight for the education system we feel the children in British Columbia deserve. We would welcome further discussions with you and ask for your continued support.

The Teachers of Chaffey-Burke

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


In partnership with the Burnaby RCMP and Burnaby DPAC, the District is hosting a free info-sesson for parents, "Keeping Your Kids Safe from Bullying, Harassment & Intimidation."

The session will take place on Wednesday, February 29, 7 pm at Burnaby Central Secondary and will include presentations by Burnaby School District's Youth Services Manager, a district counsellor, and the Burnaby RCMP. There will be limited seating so please RSVP to 604-664-8338 or with number of guests and the school your child attends.

Burnaby School District

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

PAC meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello Parents and Guardians,

Further to the notice in the newsletter, this is to confirm the meeting our next PAC meeting. We look forward to your attendance.

The meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 6, 2012 at 7:00 pm in the school library and babysitting will be available.

The following is the draft agenda and we welcome your additions, ideas and input!

Welcome & Introductions

1. Principal’s Update

2. Head Teacher’s Update

3. Financial/Treasurer’s Report


1. Approval of December minutes

2. Outstanding volunteer roles

3. Lunch Program update

4. Movie night

5. Educational Workshop

6. Photo Night

7. Other

Chaffey-Burke Elementary School PAC Meeting Minutes of Monday, December 5, 2011

Roundtable/Introductions: Ranjit Bharaj, PAC Chair

The PAC Executive meeting was opened by Ranjit at 7:05PM. Staff Michael Nielsen and Claudio Bortolussi and 9 parents (Victoria Su, Vaishali Barve, Mary MacKillop, Ranjit Bharaj, Elaine Dun, Jean Wong, Diane Yip, Antonella Sanders and Wendy Yu) were in attendance.

Principal’s report – Claudio Bortolussi

School population is 554

Last day of school is December 16 (full day), and the school reopens on January 3 (Tuesday)

On Tuesday, December 13th the primary grades are having an afternoon Christmas activity, with the Grade 5/6 choir and band

The school webpage is being more update with more information

Claudio was able to find a translator from Moscrop. Postings for parents like resources on facebook use and reading with children make the webpage more interactive

For future correspondence the school will use the school based listserv, Claudio will arrange for Sunny to have access for our PAC materials as well

On January 19th, there is a parent information session at Moscrop for grade 7 students

Elaine asked if teachers are still doing field trips; and if not, why are we allocating money to field trips in the budget?

Claudio and Michael advised that field trips are still happening, within the confines of the current job action (ie during school hours)

Elaine asked who is currently collecting donation cheques for the school?

Claudio advised that teachers are collecting, and that there is a drop box at the office. Ranjit will collect and prepare a spreadsheet of the amounts received.

Head Teacher Report – Michael Nielsen

Cup stacking competition went well

Volleyball wrapped up with students versus teachers game.

Wednesday is Santa hats and antlers day. Claudio will be dressing up as Santa.

Treasurer’s Report – Ranjit Bharaj

Nothing major to report, small revenues to date of vending and recycling

Elaine advises that $250 donation from Coast Capital will not be coming, to remove from budget

Elaine noted that we had allocated money in the budget for ‘school cultural event’, and she asked what would an example of a cultural event be?

Claudio responded that cultural events would encompass dancers , drummers, and other performers who visit the school. PAC has sponsored these events in the past

DPAC Report

Given that we have no current representatives, Mary recommended that we will simply circulate the minutes from the DPAC website on our school blog, rather than have an individual attend each meeting. This is an interim suggestion until we have someone volunteer for the currently vacant DPAC role.

PAC Reports

MOTION: To approve the October 2011 minutes as presented.

Moved: Elaine Dun, Seconded: Jean Wong CARRIED

Ranjit advised that there were some errors made on the November budget minutes in the number of projectors and laptops.

MOTION: To approve the November 2011 minutes as amended.

Moved: Antonella Sanders, Seconded: Mary MacKillop CARRIED

Claudio said 9 wifi access points will be activated in school public spaces this year (ie library, resource rooms, etc.)

Elaine asked if students in the portables would be able to access the wifi.

Claudio replied that “no”, kids in portables would not be able to access wifi until all 18 proposed access points are activated.

The school currently uses 2 portables, both of which we will keep for at least the next couple years.

Milk and juice program has been able to recruit more volunteers.

Lunch Program Update - Mary MacKillop and Diane Yip

We have been using our current vendor New York Foods 3 months so far

We have received feedback primarily in 2 areas: price point and logistics

New York Foods has been completely full service: forms collection, counting, delivery, etc.

A different vendor will only work if we can have people take on some of the service benefits that New York Foods offers. But realistically, we may not be able to recruit volunteers to help.

Mary added that we have more students participating in hot lunch now than we used to.

Diane reported that the last lunch service was completed in 15 minutes.

Claudio added that calling 1 division at a time for food distribution made the process faster.

Diane said that during the initial hot lunches, it took a long time to get kids on stage and to pick up their food. It took 10 minutes to work on getting food to the kindegarteners. Now other kids can go through quicker, though it does depend on what is being served. Foods served in a bag are much faster. There are only 1 or 2 lunch options not bagged. New York Foods looks after missing lunches, and takes care of delivering food, while parent volunteers help with putting food out and cleaning up afterwards. Furthermore, the vendor offers fruit and veggies - healthier options.

If we do continue, New York Foods has offed 12 more lunch dates – a $3,400 profit. We have made $1,700 so far with the 6 hot lunches to date.

Ranjit asked: Shall we continue with New York foods for balance of year? Diane Yip has volunteered to help on those days.

MOTION: That we continue to use New York Foods as our hot lunch provider for the balance of the school year.

Moved: Mary MacKillop, Seconded: Elaine Dun CARRIED

Hot Dog Day

Elaine and Jean will look at a day in January for a hot dog day on a Friday.

Movie night

470 is maximum capacity in gym. For fire safety reasons, we may need to do 2 shows to accommodate attendance.

Claudio will confirm dates when the gym is available for use (Loretta has the gym schedule). Once Claudio provides a few dates in June, Mary will check with Kevin for equipment availability for an outdoor movie event.

Ranjit will follow up with another company on an indoor movie event before June.

Educational Workshops

Mary will provide more information for our next PAC meeting.

Photo Night

A spring date would be ideal; maybe end of April or early May. Mary will follow up with Chris from Westcoast Photos for available dates.

Other – Funding Request

This year the Grade 7 class has only 60 students and thus are short for funds. Jean says each student has been asked to give $30 towards the cost of a yearbook. The Grade 7 class does not plan on doing fundraising, though they are considering a hot dog day or two. The grad committee predicts a shortfall of $100 - $200, and would like to ask for assistance from PAC.

While PAC doesn't normally give to leaving ceremonies, we have $550 left over from last year’s grade 7 class. Therefore, PAC is willing to donate to the grade 7 grad committee from overage last year.

MOTION: That any shortfall, to a max of $200, be taken from the overage from last year's grade 7 grad.

Moved: Mary MacKillop, Seconded: Elaine Dun CARRIED

Other – Ideas to Help Build School Community

Ranjit asked what we would like to see our PAC doing? Educational workshops and movie nights are good events to build school spirit. Events do not necessarily need to generate money. Perhaps PAC can host a social? Coffee and cookies or a meet and greet?

Elaine added that the school has, in past, visited seniors and sung to them during the holiday season. Elaine suggested that that might be worth considering next year after the job action. Plus, it’s a nice way to get parents involved. We might look at maybe doing 2 nights (1 for primary, 1 for intermediate).

Claudio suggested that a trivia night at the school might be worth considering.

Ranjit also added that the Mandarin chit chat sessions bring in the community. If anyone has any other ideas for bringing community together, please bring it up.

MOTION to Adjourn.

Moved: Jean Wong, Seconded: Elaine Dun CARRIED

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chaffey-Burke Elementary School PAC Meeting Minutes of Monday, November 7, 2011

Chaffey-Burke Elementary School

PAC Meeting Minutes of

Monday, November 7, 2011

Roundtable/Introductions: Ranjit Bharaj, PAC Chair

The PAC Executive meeting was opened by Ranjit at 7:15PM. 8 parents and Principal in attendance.

2. October Minutes

deferred for approval until circulation. Will be placed on December’s agenda.

3. Principal Update- Claudio Bortolussi

School population at 557 puts Chaffey Burke as the second largest elementary school in the district after Marlborough.

For October we had 14 transfers in and 12 transfers out

Thursday is the Remembrance Day Assembly where a veteran has been invited to participate. There will be music, readings and broad student participation.

Friday is the Remembrance Day Stat

Monday November 21st is a district wide Pro Development Day. District wide Pro D Days are in Oct, Nov and February where school wide Pro D Days are in Sep, Jan and June.

Photo retakes on November 9th

Young People’s concert is coming up on November 30th.

Hot lunches on November 23rd and 30th

Student of the week has started 3 weeks ago where Claudio meets with 1 child from each division at 11am on Fridays. The students, in a circle, share learnings, ask questions and get to know each other and the Principal in this small gathering.

Milk and Juice needs more support but Pei Pei Liu has taken the lead. More volunteers are needed for counting, ordering and delivering. Weekday lunch hour opportunity.

Newsletters will be posted on the web with the idea to draw more families to the website where there is growing information, literacy tips, education support information for families and district and ministry information., office will keep 30 – 40 paper copies, goal is to eventually send it out via PAC listserv.

4. Treasurer update: Ranjit Bharaj
Parent inquiry: Do u carry a balance?

Ranjit replied that we do not usually try to carry a balance. Historically, we spend the monies we raise. Spending in the past couple of has been focused on replacing the playgrounds. Now we are in a position where the ‘big’ projects are behind us.

5. Special lunch update: Ranjit Bharaj and Mary MacKillop

We are currently on a 3-month trial of a new vendor for the hot lunch program. The school can then decide if it fits. We have had a bit of a rocky start with the coordination, distribution of our 1st hot lunch, but we anticipate that the process will become smoother over time.

We are feeling out different vendors, with consideration being given to the price point and distribution/ delivery concerns.

The hot lunch program requires a lot of manpower so full service providers are preferred.

6. DPAC update

Our DPAC positions have not been filled.

Mary offered to post updates form DPAC website.

DPAC meets on the last Monday of the month.

We are looking for at least 2 – 3 volunteers.

7. School Planning Council (SPC)

We have 3 vacant positions for the School Planning Council (SPC).

Claudio advised that the SPC acts on parents’ behalf, meeting with him about three times a year to ensure that the school is on track with meeting the needs of the school community.

In June the SPC meets with Claudio for planning for following year. Meetings generally occur in the evening or on Pro D days.

8. Earthquake

The school does not require a committee. An individual would be able to fill this role.

Responsibilities involve replenishing supplies and doing inventory of food & supplies.

Claudio suggested having a parent lead/coordinate a simulation of emergency procedures. The school is due for a practice evacuation in the next year or two as it must be done at least every 5 years.

Mary offered to talk to Scott Ko to see if he would be able to assist.

9. Volunteer vacancies

2 for DPAC

3 SPC (1 exec + 2 parents)

Milk/ juice program volunteers. Claudio mentioned that he has assisted Pei Pei with the milk/juice program on occasion but is not able to offered help on a permanent basis. The process is fairly involved, and the ideal candidate would be able to drive to pick up the milk/juice orders for distribution. The program is a successful one, and it has enabled the school to purchase many school items with the funds generated (ie. sports jerseys, home reading program). Furthermore, it promotes good eating habits in the school.

10. 2011/2012 Budget

The following is a list of some of the school’s ‘wish’ items that PAC executives propose to contribute funds towards:

Field trips $200 per division = $4,600

teacher consumables $65 per teacher = $1,950

Library: $400 author visits + $1,500 books = $1,900

home reading = $600

Classroom libraries $100 per class = $2,300

Beautification (including bulbs for flower beds) = $750

Win its = $500

Red. Cedar program = $600

Cultural event = $850

Math / science supplies = $500

LCD projectors: replace 1 and add 1 more = $,1500

Sound system = $3,000

Total PAC contribution to school: $24,550

MOTION: That we approve the 2011/2012 PAC budget.

Moved: Mary MacKillop, Seconded: Antonella CARRIED

Ranjit advised that we've had some parents express interest in running hot dog days, popcorn days, and photo night. Current numbers in the 2011/2012 budget does not include additional fundraising revenues as a result of such fundraising efforts so we will likely have a surplus of funds at year-end.

11. BCTF workshops: Ranjit Bharaj

In lieu of 1 PAC meeting in the Spring, we've done education/ speaker nights in the past. This was typically done in March.

Ranjit suggested canvassing school interest via online voting.

Mary suggested that the “Child with anxiety session” was popular in the past.

Ranjit added that BCTF workshops are generally quite well-received.

Claudio cautioned that while some sessions are well done (ie. anti bullying, born to buy, internet awareness, supporting child's learning), others themes are not as effective (ie. Raising confident boys).

Mary offered to put together a list of speaker night theme options, and will list serve to the school community.

12. Questions

With respect to the vacant PAC positions, a parent asked what each volunteer role involves. Mary offered to put info together for outstanding roles (ie. Time commitment, description of responsibilities).

A parent asked about having a family movie night as a possible fundraiser/community event. Mary responded that we had had a movie night in the past, and that we have used a company that can set up all the equipment for such an event. Perhaps we can consider a movie night in spring, to be held outdoors.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05PM.Thanks to Mary for bringing the delicious cookies!

Next meeting will be on Monday, December 5th, 2011 at the school library – it will be a PAC meeting / holiday social.